Monday, November 19, 2012

In the Media for Sick Kids Hospital

Last week was the start of Sick Kid's 'Together We Will' ad campaign and I've seen the commercial on tv quite a few times now. I get excited every time I see it. I think it was very well done and I get a tear in my eye every time. Bronson and Jon are at the end of the commercial in the rocking chair so keep an eye out for them. Sick Kids is such a great hospital and it was great to be able to be apart of an amazing campaign. I've wrote about it a few times here and here

Local Newspaper
Last week there was an article in the Northumberland News about Bronson and our journey. You can read it HERE and also read an additional editorial that was published the following day about Bronson HERE
The Sick Kids Foundation website (notice the banner is of SB & Bronson!) has a brief write up about six of the children involved in the ad campaign and you can view their stories HERE. While you're on the website be sure to help fill up the theatre to help kids at Sick Kids go to a free movie in the new year. You could also win free movie passes!

Print Ads/Posters
The print ad that Sarah Beth and Bronson are apart of are also going up around Toronto. There were six different children in the print ads and there will be a different print ad running in the Toronto Star most Mondays until the end of December.  Print ads are also in Metro and TO Night.

The posters and mural will be in the Yonge/Dundas subway station and 10 Dundas West starting in early December. 

Christmas Mail Out
Thanks to Cindy for letting me know that the Sick Kids Christmas Mail Out has been published and is in mailboxes. Bronson's story is featured in the mail out with a picture of him and Jon on one side and another picture of him and Sarah Beth (his aunt who donated a part of her liver) on the other side. 

The commercial will be playing before every movie at the following Cineplex Odeon Theatres in Toronto from now until the end of the year: 

      Yonge and Dundas, Dundas Square
        Varsity Cinemas, 55 Bloor Street West
     Eglinton Town Centre, 22 Lebovic Ave., Scarborough
 Queensway, 1025 The Queensway
Silvercity Yonge/Eglinton, 2300 Yonge Street
 Scotiabank Theatre, 259 Richmond Street West
Sick Kids is an amazing hospital and without them we wouldn't have Bronson here with us today. Without funding and donations the hospital wouldn't be able to conduct research and help children like Bronson. 
This Christmas season think about making a donation to Sick Kids. 

If you see any of the ads of Bronson & Sarah Beth be sure to take a picture and email it to me! 
I would love to see where they are! :)

Friday, November 9, 2012

InstaFriday: November 9, 2012

Last Friday night we made our own pizza's for the first time. I'll admit I didn't make the crust but we did everything else! 

The finished product. My iPhone picture doesn't do the pizza justice. 
They were delicious! It might just be a new Friday night routine :)

Bronson got these cool Lego shoes in May for his birthday and I've been waiting for his feet to grow into them. Well, his feet grew and he can finally rock these cool shoes. 
Actually his feet have taken off in size and they're now the same size as Kallie's! His body just needs to catch up to his feet! 
(by the way his daddy is proud of his "big feet" haha)

Last Saturday morning me and Kallie went out early and hit up some shopping sales. 
I love spending time with this girl! :)

Happy Weekend Everyone!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Making Memories

Kids grow up so quickly!
 I loved every minute of the infant stage (minus the sleepless nights) and now I'm loving the toddler stage. At times I live without the stubborn attitudes and temper tantrums but, I love the fun we can have with them. I love being able to take them to a park and kick a ball and run around. 
 I want to make sure that as they grow up we always take the time to go out and have fun. 

That's how memories are made :)

Monday, November 5, 2012

Sick Kids Ad Campaign, "Together We Will"

In September I wrote a post about the photo and commercial shoot we were involved in for Sick Kids and we've been waiting to see it. Well, last Thursday we were invited to the unveiling of the new Sick Kids Foundation ad campaign, "Together We Will", and got a sneak peak of some of the print ads and the commercial.

All of these were taken on my iPhone so they aren't the best quality. I really regret not taking pictures of all of the other ads because they all looked great. 

There are about 10 print ads (like the above) and as of November 12/12 they will be able to be seen at Dundas station, in bus shelters, and I believe in some malls. In one of the subways there will be a mural of a five year old boy, Hunter, with leukemia and all of his doctors and nurses who were involved in his care. The tagline for his ad says, "Together We matter how many of us it takes". 
Every child involved is a patient at Sick Kids and has a heart touching story. There will be a website up with a story about each child but it won't be up until November 12. I will post it when it's up and running, 
The commercial is also very touching and a lot of people at the viewing had a tear in their eye. 
There is a 60 second version of the commercial that will be launching on conventional and specialty networks. It will also be able to be seen at six select Cineplex Odeon's in Toronto. There is also a 30 second, and four 10 second versions of the commercial. Jon and Bronson are at the end of the 60 second version with Jon sitting in the rocking chair holding Bronson. I believe he's also in the 30 second and possibly one of the 10 second ones. 

Keep your eyes out for all the ads in the next 2 weeks! 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Dance With Me, Poppy"

Kallie loves to dance. 
As soon as music comes on she closes her eyes and starts to dance away. 
If you're in the room with her she'll say to you,
"Dance with me".

Over Thanksgiving we were at Jon's parents home and she wanted her Poppy Frank (her great grampa) to dance with her. 

I absolutely love this video! 
Enjoy :)


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